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Hair Extensions

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How do you get longer, fuller hair today? With easy and affordable professional Hair Extensions! In a matter of minutes, you can turn your short or thin hair into long, luxurious, full-body hair through the convenience of hair extensions. Why wait months or years to grow out your hair when you can get the length and body you want now, and have it match your existing hair perfectly. So the only thing anyone notices is how beautiful you look!

The hair extension products available today vary widely, and your Old World Salons professional stylist is the best person to help you decide what is best for you. The types of hair extension vary from natural human hair to synthetic extensions, and it's a matter of preference and application. There are also various methods of applying the extensions to your own hair, which again depends on your preference and needs.

Only your Old World Salons hair professional can give you the advice you need to get the beautiful results you want! Call your Old World Salon stylist today for a free consultation. Many of the professional stylist at our salons in Southlake and North Richland Hills (NRH) offer hair extension services.

Benefits of hair extensions

  • Longer, bigger, fuller, natural-looking hair.
  • Extend slow-growing hair.
  • Enhance thin hair by adding volume.
  • Get longer hair for updos and other hair styles (for weddings and other special events).
  • Add a splash of color and fun!
  • Add bold highlights or lowlights without applying chemicals to your hair.
  • Refresh a tired old style and get a completely different look in minutes.
  • Add the volume you have always wanted.
  • Eliminate areas of thinner hair.
  • Fix a bad haircut.
  • Easily experiment with a new look (easily changed if you don't like it).
  • It's easy, painless, and affordable.
  • Get thicker, more voluminous and glamorous hair in a matter of minutes!
Hair Care
Hair Care

Choosing a Hair Extension Stylist

Deciding on the type of hair extension that's best for you can be complex, since there are so many options to consider. That's why it's important to select a professional stylist who has experience and training with hair extensions. You might find a cheaper offer elsewhere, but as the saying goes "you often get what you pay for!" And the last thing you want is bad extensions that have been poorly applied by an inexperienced stylist.

The professionals at Old World Salons have years of experience and training, and offer many options in hair extensions to fit both your needs and budget. Our stylists also offer free consultations to make sure you are completely comfortable with their service offering and their recommendations before you spend any money.

Prices for hair extensions can vary widely depending on many factors, including your current hair condition and length, the type of hair extension, and other considerations. That's why it's important to consult with your Old World Salons stylist to help you decide what's best for your situation.

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